Transmission W20 def juni 2020-10

Private label
Working with selected reliable manufactories provides you the highest quality and styling standards, resulting in perfect production as well as flexible distribution. Consider us an extension of your company. Our professional team at Europell has the ability to support and advice you in innovation and development. 27 years of experience enables us to supply a product that meets the requirement of various customers, proven an optimal relation between quality and price

We constantly anticipate on trends in the changing world of fashion and this partnership ensures you of dedication towards creativity and accurate follow-up.

Import & Distribution
Europell is also recognized for having a strong network of retailers in the fashion market. We import our own leather fashionbrands Transmission and AIM. We represent all labels with high standards, smooth designs and innovative leather developments.

Transmission has completely renewed herself over the course of the past years and broke away from rules considered standard for leather garments. Transmission has reinvented herself in the process of creating a successful combination of outerwear and innovative powerful high-end fashion items for fabulous women.

AIM. Classic themes are, on the basis of new proportions and influences from the 80s, breaking out of their strict formality. Together with new colours, perfect matching accessories and relaxed silhouettes, AIM ladies- and menswear is moving into a new era, celebrating the joy of dressing up.

Code of Conduct
Europell’s exclusive suppliers are a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI)<span”>. This is a global initiative that supports companies to improve labour conditions in production factories. By being a BSCI member Europell acknowledges several important official guidelines in the fashion industry. Our supplying leather tanneries will only be selected when they meet the highest social and environmental standards. A part of our turnover is contributed to local charity projects.